Industrial Dust, Fume And Mist Collectors

Dust, fume & mist collectors

As a side effect, most processes in the manufacturing industry generate emissions which are harmful to the operators as well as the workplace environment. Camfil´s dust, fume and mist collectors help to control these emissions and to improve the indoor air quality in your facility.

Process exhaust air generated from industrial manufacturing processes mostly contains harmful dust, fume or aerosols which have to be extracted and separated reliably before they enter the ambient air. Controlling pollutants and improving indoor air quality by using appropriate extraction systems mitigates health risks for the operators and avoids quality issues on your products due to cross-contamination. Furthermore effective dust, fume and mist collection solutions prevent the malfunction or damage of expensive production facilities caused by airborne dust and mist particles in the workplace.

The main types of extraction systems are dust and fume collectors, wet scrubbers and mist separators. While mist separators are used to extract coolant mist from tooling machines, dust collectors and wet scrubbers handle combustible or explosive dust and fumes including fine, fibrous, abrasive or sticky dust.
Depending on the application and the processed material, hazard analysis and dust testing are recommended to determine the most efficient and safest extraction solution for your specific application.

If the dust is considered to be combustible or explosive, the required level of fire and explosion protection has to be determined in compliance with the ATEX or NFPA directive. If the process includes harmful substances, additional containment systems are required in compliance with industries local exposure limits. Thus, dust, fume and mist collectors also can be considered safety systems which help you to meet local health, safety and environmental regulations.

Dust, fume and mist extraction solutions from Camfil are designed to provide best filtration efficiencies together with low energy consumption and optimised filter life. If the process and the handled materials allow it, an optional second stage HEPA filter can be configured to the system in order to recirculate the cleaned process exhaust air back into the work space, which saves additional money for supply air.
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Dry dust and fume collectors are used in different industries to control air pollution from various manufacturing processes in order to improve indoor air quality in the facility. Therefore the extraction systems utilise filters to separate airborne particles from the airstream. The filters get cleaned by a pulse of compressed air and the particles are discharged to a collection bin.

Wet scrubbers are mostly used on industrial applications which release dust and other particles that are difficult or impossible to handle with dry filtration solutions like explosive dust, combustible dust or sticky and fibrous dusts.

Industrial machining processes generate mist from cooling lubricants which have to be controlled before entering the ambient air. Mist separators extract the process air from the machine tools and separate the emissions from the air stream before returning the cleaned air back into the production or outside into the environment.

Mobile extraction solutions and static workplace systems provide an effective and flexible way to capture dry airborne dust and fumes directly at the source and at various locations.

Filter elements are the integral component of any dust collector or mist separator and affect the separation efficiency as well as the energy efficiency of the entire extraction system.

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