Flat Panel Display

Flat Panel Display

Make superior cleanroom filtration a critical component of manufacturing flat panel displays. Comply with strict air cleanliness standards while improving your yields and lowering costs.

The flat panel display (FPD) market is highly competitive and technologically complex. It’s driving manufacturers to develop higher resolution displays, new fabrication technologies and more cost-effective production processes.

Ever smaller particles – bigger problems

As the demand for higher resolutions increases, contamination control in air, gas and liquid processes is more critical than ever. This is because smaller and smaller contaminants must be controlled at a finer level. And the probability of getting particle deposition on large display surfaces is high during key process steps.

Because of the enormous size of most FPD factories and the air volumes involved, contamination control optimisation and energy savings remain a key priority for the industry. Protection of worker health is also a key concern due to the extensive use of solvents in LED and OLED manufacturing processes.

Engineered to meet your needs for exceptional cleanroom filtration

Camfil’s HEPA and ULPA filters are 100% quality inspected and ensure 100% compliance to cleanroom air quality standards. Our software packages, including life cycle cost (LCC), cleanroom optimization (CREO) and airborne molecular contamination (AMC), help you optimise your environment and achieve the best total cost of ownership.

When you choose the right solutions from our wide range of innovative, energy-efficient filters, you can gain tremendous energy savings – up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and facility. We bring our proven track record in AMC filtration for semiconductor manufacturing to FPD applications, offering solutions that target different types of contaminants in different process steps.

Finally, Camfil exhaust systems are able to control high concentrations of particles and chemicals often released by the large process equipment used in FPD manufacturing.

Whatever your cleanroom filtration requirements, Camfil provides display manufacturers with the technology and expertise needed to improve display quality, reduce product yield losses, minimise downtime and increase profitability.

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