The Camfil safe change filter housing system, for use wherever containment and operator safety is essential.

CamSafe is a modular and highly flexible product family, designed for exhaust of contaminated air in containment applications like biosafety L1 to L3+, safety laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, hospitals, animal facilities.

Housings are available as single modules or multimodule systems depending on required filtration stages and air volume.

The CamSafe housing can be fitted with a wide range of particulate or molecular filters. Clamping with a single action lever is patented and includes a double safety feature to ensure secure filter positioning and gasket compression. A service bag collar for contamination-free BIBO filter change allows safe change of every individual filter.

CamSafe has been tested at +/- 6000 Pa to the following qualification levels:
Mechanical resistance:
Class D1 - EN 1886:2003

Local and global leakage:
Class C - EUROVENT 2/2
Class L1 - EN 1886
Class 3 - ISO 10648
Class D - EN 12237

To ensure optimum support of efficient in-situ testing, a Manual Integrity Probe (MIP) scan in the filter housing and a ducted injection module can be integrated in the configuration
The system is designed for reliable, more efficient filter testing with qualified leak detection capability, using lower aerosol quantities.

Other configuration options include a full range of collectors, supports, bubble-tight dampers, decontamination, etc.
Products of the CamSafe family are open to configuration and adaptation to your specific needs, from additional features and functions to specific finishes, custom formats and fully bespoke integration.

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