Absolute™ D-PYRO

Absolute™ D-Pyro

Absolute™ D-Pyro is the high temperature filter for up to 350ºC for depyrogenation tunnels.

Absolute D-Pyro is designed to use in life science industry especially in aseptic filling process.Absolute D-Pyro is a totally new innovative air filter construction for high temperature environments requiring maximum production uptime and safety. It achieves H14 in the production “hot zone” with zero emissions, zero tempering and zero cleaning because of the seal is airtight filter pack in a reinforced frame. The working temperature for Absolute D-pyro is up to 350 °C to peaks at 400°C. Absolute D-Pyro is flexible in dimension with depth at 150mm & 292mm. There is different gasket for perfect fitting on the filter to prevent leakage. It also a Higher productivity filter with fast ramping up (tested in lab environment to + 5°C per minute). Beside that, it also high compliance filter with ISO Class 5 all across the tunnel. It also designed and manufactured under Camfil ProSafe Quality & Certification Program. The filter is scanned according to EN 1822 with individual scan test report.

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