The CityCarb range is perfect for indoor air quality (IAQ) applications that require the efficient control of both particulate matter and molecular contamination using a single compact filter.

The CityCarb range includes the following models: CityCarb E, CityCarb I and CityCarb CH. All the filters operate with a rapid adsorption dynamics (RAD) mechanism that ensures high efficiency against the various chemicals typically present in city-centre buildings. A high media area ensures high efficiency, long life and low pressure drop.
CityCarb models E and I utilise a broad spectrum carbon layer to ensure removal of a very wide range of airborne chemicals. CityCarb E provides ePM10 80% particle efficiency classification according to ISO 16890, and CityCarb I and CH achieve ePM1 70%. CityCarb E and I are recommended for outdoor air and recirculation air applications.
CityCarb CH uses a special grade of carbon adsorbent to specifically target organic acid contamination. CityCarb CH is ideal in the recirculation air system of cultural heritage buildings to specifically control organic acids, which are internal source pollutants.

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