CamPulse GT Polytech HE

  • Patented HemiPleat™ technology- proven open
  • Water repellent media protected by metal liners
  • Each filter set is shipped together in one carton
  • Galvanized metal finish
  • Self-cleaning air filter cartridges
  • Improved air distribution
  • Suitable also in high humidity conditions
  • Suitable as prefilter for filter class E10, E12
  • Increased air to cloth ratio thanks to Hemi-Pleat ™technology.
  • ICON17 2in1
Item Type Filter Class EN779 Airflow (m3/h) Diameter 1 (mm) Diameter 2 (mm) Length 1, Cylindrical (mm) Length 2, Cylindrical (mm) Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
CoCy F7 2500 324 445 660 660 165


For desert/dry/ heavy dust load areas
Polytech HE
Max temperature °C
70º C
Additional information: Available as dimple pleated and in fire retardant version on request.
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