CleanSeal side entry PU gasket: full equipment

Terminal housing for HEPA filter to supply tubulent airflow into Cleanrooms or controlled environments.

  • Tool-less filter clamping 100% secured and immediate
  • Quick grid locking for immediate access to filter
  • For limited space above false ceiling
  • Large choice of standardized sizes
  • Easy installation: unique movable supporting blocks include
  • Complete interchangeable diffusion plates range
  • Long lasting reliability and tightness: robust fully welded construction
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Filter size Depth (mm) Filter size Height (mm) Filter size Width (mm)
392 392 410 66 305 305
CL-SW-4P4-P-MD-S-C-200-N-00-AAA0 544 544 450 66 457 457
CL-SW-4P4-P-MD-S-C-250-N-00-AAA0 544 544 500 66 457 457
CL-SW-5P5-P-MD-S-C-250-N-00-AAA0 595 595 500 66 508 508
CL-SW-5P5-P-MD-S-C-315-N-00-AAA0 595 595 565 66 508 508
CL-SW-6P6-P-MD-S-C-250-N-00-AAA0 697 697 500 66 610 610
CL-SW-6P6-P-MD-S-C-315-N-00-AAA0 697 697 565 66 610 610


Turbulent airflow in clean rooms for limited space above false ceiling
Construction: Galvanized steel, fully welded seams
Finishing: White epoxy coated RAL 9010
Connection: By ribbed circular inlet continuous welded on side
For Filters: MEGALAM MD/MX/MD PU gasket frame height (66/90/110mm) (to be ordered separately)
Filter Mounting: Tool-less multi-height quick release lever clamp for immediate and secured clamping including gasket compression limiter and filter retainer.
Control equipment: room side access: 1 port for dp or 100%
Housing installation: By removable «universal blocks, for suspension by hangers, or integration into clean room ceiling panels or fitting into T bar grids system
Diffusion plates (to be ordered separately): Flush hinged grids with “credit card” quick
Locking: Perforated, swirl, 4 ways, adjustable blades

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