CamFFU Integrated Solution

  • Flexible LAF-solution without ceiling grid
  • Low sound power level
  • Low power consumption
  • Maintenance-free high-quality EC-fan
  • Available for LON, Modbus or 0-10V control
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Max external dP Pressure drop Initial (Pa) Velocity (m/s)
IS-EC Low 1200 600 435 770 390 80 0,3
IS-EC High 1200 600 435 1160 120 120 0,5
IS-EC Stainless Low 1200 600 435 770 390 80 0,3
IS-EC Stainless High 1200 600 435 1160 120 120 0,5


Units can be screwed together to form individual cleanroom ceilings e.g. for machine enclosures, clean work cabins or mini environments from ISO 14644 class 8.0 to ISO 1.0
Max temperature (°C)
0 - 40ºC
Voltage usage
Installation options
System can span up to 4800 mm x 4800 mm or supported by pedestals
Construction: Powder coated steel or stainless steel housing
Fan: Efficient EC motor with backwards-curved blades
Airflow control: BUS controlled system or handheld control. Also available as CamFFU_IS-EC_sce for easy 0-10V potentiometer control
Filter: Megalam H14, U15 or U16, MD or MX with Camfil Sil-Gel gasket to be ordered separately

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