Activated Carbon media for removal of odours and gases

Activated carbon

The molecular media is at the heart of all successful molecular filtration solutions. Camfil have a selection of proven activated carbons to target as wide a range of odours, irritants, toxic and corrosive gases as possible.

Activated carbon is an extremely versatile and powerful adsorbent. It can be used to control the vast majority of all the different molecules that pollute the air, and there are more than one hundred and thirty million catalogued chemicals! The most important characteristic of some activated carbons is "Broad Spectrum" adsorptive capacity. These carbons are able to adsorb a huge range of different molecules. This is a very important feature when the mix of chemicals is unknown, or variable, or perhaps too complex and expensive to analyse. Activated carbon can be made from different raw materials, in different qualities and different shapes and sizes. Adjusting these factors allow Camfil to optimize efficiency, lifetime and pressure loss for different customer applications. Activated carbon operates with a physical adsorption or catalytic mechanism. In some cases, both of the mechanisms might be important.

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