Activated Alumina for removal of odour VOCs and gases

Activated Alumina

The molecular media is at the heart of all successful molecular filtration solutions. Camfil have a selection of proven activated aluminas to target acidic gases and other contaminants, mostly in corrosion control applications.

Activated alumina is an important adsorbent, but quite different in physical structure and chemical characteristics to activated carbon. Virtually all activated aluminas used in air treatment (except desiccants) are surface modified or impregnated and as a result, they have target behaviour rather than broad spectrum. As a consequence, they are intended to specificially adsorb an individual molecule or family of molecules. The most common applications involve removal of acidic gases in corrosion control applications. Activated alumina can be made from different raw materials, in different qualities and different sizes. Adjusting these factors allow Camfil to optimise efficiency, lifetime and pressure loss for different customer applications. Activated alumina operates with a chemical adsorption mechanism. Activated aluminas are mineral based and activated carbons are made from organic (carbon based) raw materials. Consequently, activated aluminas have better flammability characteristics than activated carbons.

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