CamCarb molecular filters for odors, gases and toxins


CamCarb cylinders are thin-bed, loose-fill filters. They provide optimum removal of moderate concentrations of molecular contamination from supply, recirculation, and exhaust air applications. CamCarb cylinders are noted for their extremely low leakage rates.

CamCarb cylindrical filters are engineered to provide the highest level of performance in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), comfort and light-duty process applications. They utilize a high weight of adsorbent per unit airflow with only moderate pressure loss.
To handle various airflow ranges, CamCarb cylinders are available in three sizes.
Both styles use a base plate holding frame for mounting. Each filter has three bayonet fittings on the end cap, and these locate in the base plate with a simple push-and-turn action similar to installing a light bulb. To ensure a leak-free seal between the cylinder and the base plate, each cylinder is fitted with a performance gasket.
The holding frames are modular and can be assembled to handle any airflow either in Camfil GlidePack Cylinder and CamCube housings or built up inside air handling units. The cylinders can be oriented for vertical or horizontal airflow.
CamCarb cylinders can be filled with a wide range of activated carbon or impregnated (CamPure) media to provide broad-spectrum or targeted adsorption of contaminants, including odors, irritants, and toxic and corrosive gases and vapors.
For sustainability, CamCarb cylinders are refillable for some applications. Discuss your specific needs with your Camfil representative.

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