CamSafe - Bag-In-Bag-Out safe change filter housing


The Camfil safe change filter housing system, CamSafe, is for use wherever containment and operator safety is essential.

Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Safety laboratories, Industries (chemical), Biotech, Biosafety, Animal facilities.

Camsafe housings can provide a filter change free of contamination. They are available as single modules or multimodule systems depending on filtration stage required and air volume.

The housings consist of a gastight welded robust construction of sheet metal and has door, which is secured by 4 star grip screws. Each housing has separate safe change facility for each filter, PVC bag is secured onto it by means of a rubber locking ring.

The CamSafe housing can be fitted with a wide range of particule or molecular filters. By means of a quick clamping device the gasket of the filter is pressed against the receiving face.

The CamSafe has been tested and qualified in our laboratory. Mechanical resistance and global and local leak have been checked under positive and negative pressure of 6000 Pa.

Mechanical resistance:
Class D1 - EN 1886:2003

Local and global leak:
Class C - EUROVENT 2/2
Class L1 - EN 1886
Class 3 - ISO 10648
Class D - EN 11237

Penetration between filter and support frame ISO 14644-3:
At the nominal air-flow with an Camfil ABSOLUTE H14 filter at its final pressure drop the penetration is lower than the 0,01% admissible.

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