Camfil acquires M.C. Air Filtration Ltd

Camfil Acquires MCAir Filtration

Did you know that since 2018 MC air filtration ltd has been part of the Camfil group? In 2018 Camfil acquired MC air filtration to increase our production capabilities, increase our product portfolio and to improve our support and services to our customers in the UK and all global markets.

About MC Air Filtration

MC Air Filtration (MCAF), has been established since 1974 and is based at a 3,000 sq m manufacturing facility in Gillingham, Kent.

The family-run company, which is a part of the Bushbury Holdings group, manufactures rectangular, cylindrical and panel HEPA filters which use microfine glass fibre paper media, as well as related filter housings, duct work and terminal units.

MCAF It focuses on “protecting personnel from particulate and toxic contaminants within key sectors including nuclear, bio tech, pharmaceutical and medical research


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