HemiPleat® FR-PTFE Cartridge Filters

HemiPleat® FR-PTFE combines two significant filtration technologies, creating a robust yet economical filter media choice for challenging applications. Camfil’s patented HemiPleat technology has been lowering pressure drop and providing longer filter life for Camfil customers since 2002. PTFE wide pleat technology has been commercially available for many years, providing users with superior release, long filter life and high filtration efficiency. The results are superior release and higher filtration efficiencies compared to industry standard nano products.

  • Superior dust release when used on demanding applications
  • High primary cartridge filtration efficiency - E-11
  • More media per filter compared to industry standard PTFE products
  • Base media is chemically treated with a flame retardant
  • Longer filter life on most challenging applications


Applications where the EPA, OSHA or end users require higher efficiency media or demanding applications that require excellent dust release characteristics.
HemiPleat Separator Technology