You can see right away that TurboPulse is engineered to be different from all other pulse filters. The unique, square design improves airflow, delivers more efficient filter loading and holds more media. And it fits easily in your existing filter houses designed for conical cylindrical filters. With many new and patented innovations that enable longer filter life, best pulsing efficiency, superior strength and easy installation, TurboPulse really is pulse technology for the 21st Century.


At the heart of TurboPulse's innovation lies its patented square inner cage featuring aerodynamic TurboVanes that redirect pulse energy to achieve unparalleled cleanability. The result is 25% greater dust holding capacity than standard conical cylindrical filters, 20% lower initial pressure drop and 30% pressure drop recovery after each pulse. Engineered to be the strongest, safest pulse filters for gas turbines that you can buy, its inner cage is made of tough, durable plastic that has double the compressive strength of steel. Corrosion-proof and 100% incinerable, the strength and safety engineered into TurboPulse filters ensure worry-free performance and reliable operations for years to come.  


TurboPulse filters fit existing filter houses that are designed for conical cylindrical filters. We engineered them to be efficient and strong, but also fast and easy to install. They are packed with innovative features that help operators ensure proper installation for maximum filter protection. Its streamlined installation process saves maintenance hours by more than 25%.


TurboPulse filters are ideal for environments with heavy dust and snow where frequent pulsing is necessary – and performs better than typical pulse elements in high humidity conditions such as tropical and coastal areas. It has been designed to maintain a low and stable pressure drop, even in the harshest of sandstorms. But even in locations where frequent pulsing is not required, TurboPulse filters will still be your best option.


Powered by Camfil, The Value Rating helps gas turbine users easily evaluate the efficiency and quality of final filters. Armed with this data, you can quickly compare the impact that different filters will have on the performance of your turbines.

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Inner Liner Patent-pending, 100% incinerable, corrosion-free glass reinforced plastic cage with aerodynamic & pulse enhancing vanes, 2x strength increase over expanded metal,
Gasket Patent-pending double seal TPE gasket for end-pans and TPU radial seal for tripod bold sealing.
End Caps Patent-pending, 100% incinerable and corrosion-free ABS with spring technology
Washer Glass-filled nylon with built-in over-compression indicator
Outer Liner External helicord secures the filter element from movement without obstruction to the pulse.
Max Temperature 70ºC / 158ºF
Pleating HemiPleat™ technology with hot melt glue beads
Efficiency Standard ISO 29461-1:2021