CamFlex Static Filter Housing

CamFlex Static Filter Housing

Static filter systems are designed to clean combustion and ventilation air in plants with gas turbines, diesel engines and compressors. Static turbine air systems offer maintenance-free operations with a lot of flexibility to adapt to changing environmental conditions or operating regimes. Multiple stages increase availability, facilitate water handling at low operating pressure drops and reduce the risk of by-pass.

Air contains solid particles, salt and other aggressive contaminants and aerosols that can cause plugging and fouling, resulting in deterioration in performance, higher operating costs and expensive shutdowns.

Contaminated combustion air can also lead to corrosion and erosion, which in the long run damages critical operational components and causes breakdowns and major repairs. Highly efficient air filters are critical to ensure the reliability, efficiency and operating economy of the air compressors, air turbines and large piston engines.

Static filter houses for air inlet turbine engines are available as a multi-stage filtration system that include high capacity pre-filters to protect final filters, and final filters to protect turbomachinery.

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