The CamGuard is a guard air filter that is installed downstream of a final filter, in the same bank. This filter is meant to reduce turbine maintenance costs by enabling online filter replacement.It can be used in high velocity air installations and is typically seen in coastal and offshore applications.

  • Guard filter in combination with a high velocity bag filter
  • Allows on-line filter replacement of earlier stages
  • Suitable for high velocity applications
Item Type Filter Class EN779 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
CamGuard CCS G4 618 577 610


Suitable for all environments including high velocity air inlet systems. Typical for coastal and offshore installations
Pre-filter for gas turbines, large industrial air compressors, diesel & gas engines, generators & enclosures
Filter Frame
Stainless steel
Max temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity
Recommended final pressure drop
250 Pa
Flat gasket
Installation options
Between bag/compact filter and filter-bank
Additional information: Designed for use in combination with Cam-Flo GT HV.

Product Features:
Durable media
Low pressure drop
Allows on-line filter replacement
Reduced overall TCO
Solid corrosion resistant frame in stainless steel
Designed for use in combination with Cam-Flo GT HV or CamGT

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