CamCube HF

  • For bag filters and compact filters (header frame)
  • Heat and condensation insulated
  • Unique hinge design that ensures door seal compression and allows pressure equalization.
  • Corrosivity class C4
  • Leakage class C
  • Easy maintenance
  • Short delivery time
  • Aluzinc or stainless steel SS EN 1.4301
  • ICON24 magicad
Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
692 692 700
692 1892 700
1292 692 700


CamCube HF is a flexible and compact range of filter housings for bag filters and other filter types with a 25 mm frame. Used in comfort and industrial applications
Material (If not frame)
Filter housing material: Aluzinc
Option: Stainless steel SS EN 1.4301
Filter: Bag filters such as Hi-Flo XL and City-Flo XL. Compact filters such as Opakfil. See the relevant page in the catalogue for the technical data about filters
Air flow: The recommended air flow in a full module filter (592 x 592 mm) is 3,400 m3/h. See the relevant page in the catalogue for further information about design
Note: Door hinged on the left or right, can be changed on site
Included as standard: Adjustable feet, mounted pressure points, in- and outlet gasket for guidance connection
Accessories: Lockable handles
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