Media Rolls

Media rolls are often used in spray booth ventilation in both the ceiling filter and the floor filters. These rolls can be cut to bespoke sizes to suit your spray booth filtration needs.

  • Available for all kind of applications
  • Cut to Order
  • Different efficiencies available
  • ICON7
Item Type ISO 16890 Filter Class EN779 Pressure drop (Pa) Velocity (m/s) Media Roll Width (m) Media Roll Length (m)
T15-150 Coarse 40% G2 15 1.5 2,05 20
POLY 50 Coarse 50% G3 45 1.7 2,05 20


For use as a pre filter in air conditioning, and spraybooth ventilation
Synthetic, Polyester
Max temperature (°C)
80ºC - 100ºC
Relative Humidity
Recommended final pressure drop
150 Pa

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