Filter Elements Camfil Mist Separators

Filter Camfil Mist Separators

Filter cassettes are a key component of Camfil´s range of mist separators. The construction and the improved filter media provides best separation efficiency and uses the drainage effect, that´s why this filters are also referred to as self-regenerating filters.

Filter elements in emulsion and oil mist separators usually utilise the drainage effect for optimal self-cleaning. Hereby the construction of the filter and the special filter media design makes sure, that the smaller droplets meet and merge to form larger droplets which flow from the media at a certain size.

Depending on the type of mist separator, different filter cassettes can be combined to create a multi-stage progressive filter design to provide the highest separation efficiencies. Filter cassettes for compact mist separators can include a progressive, multi-layered filter design in one housing.

Specific filter cassettes also can be individually equipped with different filter media to meet the customer´s requirements according to the process. The selection of the media depends on the load, particle properties and the air volume of the process.
Filter cassettes for mist separators normally are compact, lightweight and therefore easy to change when during the regular service interval.

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