Quantum Series® offer maximum efficiency and safety.

Quantum Series

The Quantum Series® is a high-performance particulate matter and smoke separator designed specifically for applications in metalworking, thermal cutting and welding. The integrated spark arrestor and the innovative filter design of the Quantum Series® offer maximum efficiency and safety.

Designed to minimize space requirements, the Quantum Series® can be installed directly in production, close to the processing stations, minimizing piping costs and potential sparks due to sparks.Based on decades of experience in manufacturing filtration equipment, the Quantum Series® Camfil APC has a variety of innovative, new features as well as many high quality components that have been proven in other - market leading - Camfil APC filtration systems for years.

Since spark entry reduces performance, damages the separator and the filter media and above all represents a fire hazard, many separators from other manufacturers use an external spark arrester. This causes additional costs and space requirements. The Quantum Series® has been designed to avoid this expense.

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