Fume and dust collector for CNC laser and plasma cutters

Gold Series GSXP

The Gold Series® GSXP cartridge fume and dust collector provides a compact, fully-assembled and prewired solution for the metal cutting industry.

With a design based on the core Gold Series® X-Flo dust and fume collector and the patented HemiPleat® eXtreme Gold Cone® cartridge technology, the Gold Series X-Flo Package (GSXP) provides filtration efficiencies of 99.99% on 0.5 micron particulate, meeting or exceeding OSHA indoor air quality standards on most metal dusts.
The GSXP ships completely assembled and ready to plug in. All internal electrical connections, dust collector timer controls and fan controls are factory assembled. Accessories such as fume detectors are also factory wired and ready to go. The unit ships fully crated and protected from shipping damage. Additional HEPA filtration modules can be added to further increase the efficiency, allowing indoor recirculation of air on applications that have much lower personal exposure limits (PELs), such as stainless steel cutting, which produces hex chromium.

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