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Hydrogen Sulphide 

Removing Hydrogen Sulphide

Created 28 April 2021

Hydrogen sulphide ticks all the boxes when it comes to requiring
control using molecular filtration. hydrogen sulphide can create a significant odour nuisance. When the concentration reaches parts per million levels, hydrogen sulphide becomes a potent human toxin. Fortunately, hydrogen sulphide is effectively removed from air and biogas using molecular filtration.  The performance of Camfil hydrogen sulphide filters is validated according to the methodology described in ISO10121.

Can we remove it - Hydrogen Sulphide

Even at very low levels, hydrogen sulphide is capable of creating significant odour and health problems. Molecular filtration is key to reducing the effects of both high and low levels of this concentration from the air.

Biogas production for heat and Power in ST. Albans

Camfil were contacted by Clarke Energy to provide protection to the gas engines used to generate heat and electricity from BioGas coming from the AD plant process. A solution was required where a high level of abatement of H2S was possible and an easy filter media maintenance. Camfil recommended and provided a unit from the ProCarb range of industrial molecular filters. Learn how Camfil solved Clarke energys H2S issue.

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