CamSafe 2

A tight filter housing for contamination-free filter change, designed for applications with moderate to high safety demands possible to order with manual scan system.

  • Modularity and Flexibility
  • High security guarantee: class 3 ISO10648-2 at +/- 6000Pa
  • Filter clamping "Twice the Security" (patented)
  • High operator protection by BIBO
  • Gastight welded robust construction
  • ICON24 magicad
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Filter size Width (mm) Filter size Height (mm) Filter size Depth (mm)
CamSafe 2 450/3P6 F 730 535 510 305 610 292
CamSafe 2 450/3P6 PF+F* 730 790 510 305 610 292
CamSafe 2 1000/6P6 F 730 535 815 610 610 292
CamSafe 2 1000/6P6 PF+F* 730 790 815 610 610 292
CamSafe 2 1250/7P6 F 730 535 964 762 610 292
CamSafe 2 1250/7P6 PF+F* 730 790 964 762 610 292
Camsafe plastic bag (PF)
Camsafe plastic bag (F)


Exhaust of contaminated air in applications like: Biosafety, safety laboratories, pharmaceutical and hospitals
Max temperature (°C)
80 °C
Construction: 2mm steel airtight welded, white epoxy coated RAL 9010 70μm
Filters (F): Compact filters 292mm depth, like Opakair, Absolute and Acticarb
Prefilters (PF): Panel filters depth 48 mm, like EcoPleat and AeroPleat
Connection: Pre-drilled flanges
Pressure ports: Locations provided upstream and downstream
Performance: Housing qualified +/- 6000Pa: Class 3 acc. to ISO 10648-2,
L1 acc. to EN1886, Class D acc. to EN12237, Class C acc. to Eurovent 2/2
Max penetration gasket frame at 600Pa:<0.01% by ISO14644-3
Accessories: Safe change bag with integrated o-ring sealable , Gaskets and bolting kit, Connecting ducts, Pressure test kit
Option: Stainless steel (SS 304L or 316L), DIN gasket, door window, ATEX
Remark : The filter housings are available as single modules or multi module systems depending on filtration stage and air volume required

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