Air Image Sensor

Air image sensor system is an intelligent system for monitoring and controlling the indoor air quality (IAQ) to create good IAQ and get energy savings. Everything is controlled through our user interface with easy access to reports of Realtime and historical data to compare with WHO levels.

  • Controlling the indoor air quality​
  • World wide air quality map​
  • Energy savings through smart operations​.Monitoring measured values in public spaces.
  • Improved filter operational lifetime​
  • Control production quality​
  • API to the BMS (Building management system)
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
Air Image sensor 144 64 61

Learn more about Air Image Sensor

Interested to learn how the Air Image Sensor works in real-time?

See real-time readings in locations where our air image sensors are in use today on this world map.



Connectivity to all Camfil air cleaners
Power supply: 5V DC
Operating range particles μm: PM 1 and PM2.5
Operating range RH: 0 - 100 not condensating
Operating range temp : -10 to +50 (Accuracy +/- 3)

By connecting to an air cleaner you can lower the energy consumption - by raising and lowering the operating level of your Air Cleaners, depending on the number of particles in the air. The system saves energy and provides better protection of machines and people’s health.​

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