CamCarb VG

A compact, refillable, corrosion resistant V-cell molecular filter filled with Camfil activated alumina or activated carbon. They are ideal for corrosion control applications versatile gas phase air filter installed in supply, recirculation, and exhaust air systems in commercial, industrial, and process applications. Their design provides the best total cost of ownership for the removal of corrosive, odorous, and irritant gases.

  • V-cell molecular filter filled with any Camfil carbon or CamPure media
  • Integrated PET mesh allowing for smaller media and low dusting
  • Predicted removal efficiency and lifetime by Camfil's proprietary software
  • UL 900
  • Easily retrofitted in existing hardware or dedicated Camfil hardware
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • ICON6 Molecular
  • ICON37 ISO10121


Articles related to CamCarb

Efficient removal of corrosive, harmful, and odorous contaminants from air with CamCarb VG: engineered molecular filtration solution

CamCarb VG modules with loose-fill media are robust solutions suited for make-up air (outdoor air) and recirculation air systems. The primary use is the control of acidic gases that are responsible for the corrosion of electronics and electrical equipment in heavy process industries such as pulp and paper mills, petrochemical refineries, mining and metal refining operations, and wastewater treatment plants.

Life science and healthcare Electronics and optics Commercial and Public buildings Air quality Manufacturing and Machinery

Gaining control over corrosion with molecular air filtration solutions

Corrosion of electronic process control equipment can cause disruptions in production leading to lower productivity and lower profitability - this can be expensive to fix.

Electronics and optics

Benefits of the right molecular air filtration solution for biogas production industry 

The biogas process is critical as it releases heavily contaminated gasses that can cause engine corrosion and equipment abrasion, causing unscheduled downtime for maintenance and repair, which results in loss of output and profit. Luckily, there are several ways of solving molecular filtration in biogas plants with different types of filter media in deep beds.

Energy and Power Systems

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