Vehicle Manufacturing

Vehicle Manufacturing

Wherever you’re painting, cutting, sanding, grinding or welding, you need to protect your process, your products and your operators. Keep up to speed with superior air filtration for automotive, aerospace and other vehicle manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing process involves working with a range of materials from leather and plastic to wood and steel. This creates huge build-ups of dust and contaminants that place a strain on basic air filtration systems.

Proper air filtration critical for uptime

Automotive suppliers use industrial dust removal systems to meet their needs during production. Built-in filter cartridges are regularly cleaned using a compressed air jet. After several cleanings, the filters become torn and the manufacturing process grinds to a halt.

These processes call for a quick, optimum solution to keep the standstill period as short as possible and reduce downtime.

Clearing the air for metalworking

Contamination from metalworking can include heavy dust levels, explosive dusts and molecular pollutants that are responsible for odour, corrosive reactions or toxic threat to operators and the environment. Capturing the dust, smoke, mist or fumes generated during metalworking processes can create a unique challenge.

Air filtration for paint spray booths

Paint spraying facilities require a constant supply of fresh air for production quality, hygiene and safety reasons.  The airflow design for paint booths seems straightforward, but is often far from uniform. The sheer scale of a production line presents a challenge to obtaining airflow uniformity through the filters and avoiding a wind-tunnel effect from one paint booth to the next. Airflow can be deflected and disrupted – negatively impacting the painting process and the quality of the final product.

Camfil air filtration and dust, mist and fume collection for vehicle manufacturing

From OEMs to suppliers and service providers, some of the biggest names in vehicle manufacturing in the world use Camfil’s products and services in clean air. We offer intake filters, prefiltration, exhaust filters, industrial dust collectors and accessories for any stage on your production line. For paint spray booths, we provide filters for prep stations as well as crossdraft, downdraft and semi-downdraft booths.

Our products are energy-efficient, robust and compact for use in tight spaces. They are the most cost-effective products you’ll find from a lifecycle cost perspective. We customize and optimise all our products for your specific demands.

Key benefits of Camfil’s solutions

  • Minimize worker complaints, protect worker health and reduce potential liability
  • Save energy with highly energy-efficient filters
  • Reduce production line stoppages for cleaning and maintenance, and cut productivity losses
  • Extend machine life
  • Improved product and part quality, and increase product yields
  • Comply with occupational and environmental regulations

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