Exhaust air diffusers

  • Quick grid locking for immediate access to filter
  • High corrosion protection against decontamination agents
  • Easy prefilter installation in the grid, without additional tools.
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
CR-D-SW-3P3-F1 346 346 28
CR-D-SW-3P3-F2 346 346 70
CR-D-SW-3P6-F1 346 651 28
CR-D-SW-3P6-F2 346 651 70
CR-D-SW-6P6-F1 651 651 28
CR-D-SW-6P6-F2 651 651 70
CR-D-SW-9P6-F1 651 956 28


In combination with CleanSeal Exhaust used for exhaust/return air system: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Hospitals and Animal facilities.
Type: Door for return/exhaust air housings;
Construction: Carbon steel, fully welded, accessories in stainless steel;
Finish: 2-layer powder coat (epoxy primer & polyester topcoat) RAL9010, qualified for high corrosion protection against decontamination agents;
Filter Installation: Prefilter installation in door.

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