Absolute Filter Holding Frame

HEPA filter holding frame is designed around HEPA filter requirements. Easy installation for upgrading systems to include HEPA filtration

  • Modular design adaptable for all types of installations
  • Location dimples in frame ensure correct filter fitting
  • Pre drilled for easy assembly
  • Filter holding clips can be easily replaced as required
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Filter size Width (mm) Filter size Height (mm) Filter size Depth (mm)
Stainless steel 610 610 335 595 595 292
Galvanised steel 610 610 443 595 595 400


Mounting very high efficiency filters in air conditioning units and systems
Filter Frame
Stainless steel, Galvanised steel
Filter types: HEPA filters like Absolute or other compact filters (box type)
Filter fixing: Using 4 corner mounted clamps

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