Handte EM Profi

The Handte EM Profi collects coolant mist from low speed/low pressure machining processes in shops and manufacturing environments.

  • Self-cleaning Automatic sprayer system reduces filter buildup
  • Corrosion-proof and washable two-stage filtration system
  • No leaks – guaranteed!
  • Easy maintenance


Machine tool, CNC center

A User-Friendly, Modular, Highly-Efficient Mist Collector: The Handte EM Profi mist collector offers the highest available collection efficiencies plus the ability to run 24/7 for reduced maintenance, service ease, and lower operating costs. The unit can handle the heaviest loads encountered in the industry to clean up contaminants generated during turning, milling, honing and other low speed/low pressure machining processes that use synthetic coolants.

Worker safety, production efficiency, and capital equipment protection cannot be compromised.
Got a problem with coolant mist? Call Camfil APC and consider the Handte EM Profi.

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