Replacement filter elements
For industrial dust and fume extraction systems

optimise the performance of your dust collector with replacement filters from camfil

Created 07 December 2022

Did you know that Camfil also provides a wide range of high-quality filter cartridges and filter plates to retrofit the most common dust and fume extraction systems on the market? Our retrofit filter elements are designed to not only work in your system but to optimise the performance of your dust extraction system related to efficiency and longer filter lifetime.

The right filter to retrofit your dust collector

filters for challenging industrial applications

Camfil´s retrofit filter elements can be used for various challenging applications in different industries such as:


  • Automotive: metalworking processes, battery cell production, electrical motor manufacturing 
  • Chemical: Bulk handlig, weighing, blending, mixing, milling
  • Food & Beverage: Weighing, mixing, coating, silo venting, bulk handling
  • Metalworking: Casting, welding, grinding, metal polisihing & linishing, powder paint coating, blasting, laser & plasma cutting, thermal spraying, CNC-machining
  • Mining: Crushing, conveying, product recovery
  • Paper & Cardboard: Shredding, binding, cutting, recycling
  • Pharmaceutical: Tablet coating, tablet press, fluid bed & spray drying, blending, granulation, packaging, central vacuum applications
  • Woodworking: Sawing, planing, routing, CNC-machining

filter media & properties

As dust is not just dust, it is also mandatory to determine the right filter media for each process and dust type. Camfil basically uses two types of filter media, a cellulose/paper media for standard applications and a spunbond/synthetic blend for processes where more durable filters are required. Both media can be treated or layered to provide special properties such as flame retardant, anstistatic, PTFE-membrane or moisture/oil repellent.

More information about Camfil´s range of filter media


hemipleat technology makes the difference

Why choose Camfil Retrofit solutions

At Camfil we ensure that we can provide the best air filtration solution for your industrial applications. Our solutions are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and media types to ensure optimal performance of your Dust extraction system. Other benefits include:

  •  Over 60 years competence in filter production
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities
  •  Patented HemiPleat technology
  •  Energy efficient operation and cleaning
  • Optimised filter life
  • Wide product range & customised items available
  • Short delivery times

Retrofit Solutions

request a quote for retrofit filters

Our experts are glad to consult you on finding the right retrofit filter elements which match with your existing dust and fume extraction system. So that we can help you quickly, please provide us with information like the make and model of your dust extraction system, the article number of the filter element, your process and the type of dust you handle. To transmit the information please use the contact form which you find by clicking on the request a quote button.
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