System Performance Service: Plant Optimization Site Survey

Existing turbomachinery applications typically have an air inlet filtration system to protect their engines from performance degradation. The current installation base, however, includes decades old systems, misapplied systems or underperforming designs that impact power output, fuel efficiency, and part life. Camfil's Plant Optimization Site Survey includes an in-depth assessment of your current system and the upgrades that are possible with the lowest total cost of ownership - considering your site constraints. The following list outlines how to tell when it is it time to upgrade your filtration solution:

  • Sign of aging on your air inlet system
  • LCC-related performance issues such as:
    • degradation: erosion, fouling, or corrosion
    • frequent filter changes from high pressure drop
    • ineffective self cleaning air filter 
    • frequent water washes from compressor fouling
    • high pressure spikes
    • Assess and measure your current system to determine the upgrades that are possible
    • Survey includes:
      • Site and filter house measurements
      • Life cycle cost analysis
      • Optional: Ambient air services



    All gas turbine and turbomachinery applications
    Installation options
    Common solutions include
    • Full filterhouse replacement
    • Add or modify filter banks
    • Replace or upgrade heating or cooling systems
    • Silencer replacements
    • Ventilation fan upgrade of your control system 
    A team of Camfil experts will inspect your inlet system, perform an environmental assessment, as well as a Life Cycle Cost analysis to recommend the upgrades that are possible for the lowest total cost of ownership, considering your site constraints.

    Please contact your local representative for a scope of air sampling services offered in your country.