System Performance Service: Filter Installation & Support

Air inlet systems can contain hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of filters. Filter installation takes a lot of manpower and specific guidance is required to ensure proper installation. With every filter change, or system installation a Camfil expert will be on site to guide your local team to ensure proper installation and disposal. Then we’ll perform an in-depth inspection of the installation. The advisor will save total installation time by making sure everything is installed in the correct order and in a correct way, thus reducing risk for questions, mistakes and having to rework/reassemble items. We also offer filter stock management services where we can store your filters at our local warehouse, ready to be installed for your next change-out. 

  • On-site installation crew training and supervision
  • Full installation services 
  • Stock management and disposal services



All gas turbine and turbomachinery applications
Please contact your local representative for a scope of air sampling services offered in your country.