CamPulse GTC10

Synthetic depth loading EPA protection

  • Water resistant media
  • High efficiency against salt and hydrocarbons
  • Patented HemiPleat technology
  • Pulsable EPA
  • ICON3 efficiency guarantee
  • ICON5 Low Pressure Drop
  • ICON9 en1822
  • ICON15 LCC optimized
Item Type Filter Class EN1822 Airflow (m3/h) Diameter 1 (mm) Diameter 2 (mm) Length 1, Cylindrical (mm) Length 2, Cylindrical (mm) Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
CY/CY E10 2500 324 445 660 660 140
Co/Cy E10 324 445 660 660 200
Tenkay E10 1150 324 864 130


Coastal and fine hydrocarbons environment
Maximize engine performance with EPA protection
Prevent stand-by corrosion for peakers
Max temperature (°C)
HemiPleat Separator Technology
Installation options
Available in various size and configuration to meet your installation requirements
Max Airflow
1,1 x nominal flow

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