CleanSeal Exhaust

CleanSeal Exhaust

CleanSeal Exhaust has been developed under the same specifications as CleanSeal. It is designed as a wall-mounted solution in rooms.

CleanSeal Exhaust is robust with a fully welded housing ideal for cleanrooms and hospitals and is available both for supply and exhaust air. It is designed for Megalam HEPA panels available in different depths MD, MX and MG.

The CleanSeal Exhaust comes with different door configuration options. One option is the door with prefilter rail. This door design allows for an additional 50 mm prefilter to protect the HEPA filiter thus increasing its filter life, as well as giving double stage filtration.

Filter can be easily installed and replace as the housing s equipped with a tool-free system for both door opening and filter clamping

There is measurement port for downstream pressure and is easily accesible from the door.