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Sulphur Dioxide

Removing Sulphur Dioxide

Created Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Sulphur Dioxide is released into the atmosphere from many different sources from natural sources such as volcanic ash clouds to man-made pollution sources (such as burning fossil fuels and heavy process industries). Sulphur Dioxide can be harmful to human health. Listen to Dr. Fabrice Morvan as he talks about the use of molecular filtration for removing sulphur dioxide from the air that we breathe.

Removing Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur Dioxide can be harmful to human health and the use of molecular filtration can help protect people, products and processes from its harmful effects.


Sulphur Dioxide is a common complaint in museums and cultural heritage sites as often not just the people need to be protected but also the artifacts from the corrosive damage. At Camfil, we have worked with many of these sites to remove many airborne contaminants (such as Sulphur Dioxide) to ensure these artifacts are protected and preserved. With the combined knowledge of conservationists and ventilation system experts, you can select the best combination of filters to achieve a controlled environment.