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When you operate in unpredictable conditions, you need intelligent solutions that help you stay in control.

Considering 98% of your turbine input is ambient air, we believe in understanding your environment to offer optimized protection. Air filtration offers protection that is invisible to the eye but has significant impacts, making it difficult but critical to understand. Without the right tools, how can you know if the filters do what they are supposed to?

Learn how by visiting our GT filtration lab, the Test & Learn Event, where you can improve your air inlet filtration and gas turbine knowledge through intensive theoretical and hands-on lab analysis.

Discover how to add significant financial and operational benefits to your organization, while minimizing any risk associated with changes thanks due to the in-depth testing and data analysis.


  • Understand the basics of air intake filters and gas turbine theory.
  • Identify your environmental/site conditions in order to determine the types of contaminants that are affecting your gas turbine.
  • Describe the principles of engine degradation (erosion, fouling, and corrosion), and how to mitigate these risks with a well-designed inlet system appropriate for your site conditions.
  • Explain how to design an inlet system according to your site conditions.


"When I was invited to attend the event on behalf of the university, I was not sure if the long trip to Sweden would be worth it. However, the event turned out to be one of the best learning experiences I have had. The presentation given was so comprehensive that it opened new windows in front of me for more research and innovation. In general, everything was perfect and professional, especially with the sales and marketing team who managed to bring the best out of the company during the whole event. "Camfil" will be a name that I will always remember for the rest of my career." Haitham Al-Farra, Cranfield University 

“I am very impressed with the Test & Learn Center experience, and I’m not being polite. I thought I under¬stood filtration but I learned a lot of things. We both learned from each other, and that’s how it should be.” Steve Ingistov, Principal Engineer, Watson Cogen

“The Test & Learn Center is a unique environment - it is a toy store for grown-ups. You have your products laid out, you have your test equipment laid out. We can talk about products, and if there’s any questions, you go over to the lab and play with it. As an engineer, I can’t ask for anything better.” Senior Engineer, Power Company 

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