Retrofit Filter Elements For Dust Collectors

Retrofit Filter Elements

Camfil provides a wide range of high-quality filter cartridges and filter plates to retrofit the most common dust collectors on the market. Our offering include various types and sizes of filter elements as well as filter media with different properties.

Did you already know that Camfil provides retrofit filter elements for dry dust and fume extraction systems? Retrofit filters from Camfil are available with different dimensions, diameters and flanges to perfectly fit into all industrial dry dust and fume extraction systems using round filter cartridges, oval filter cartridges or filter plates. Retrofit filters from Camfil optimise the performance of dust extraction systems such as Donaldson, Keller Lufttechnik, AAF, Nederman, Kemper, Plymovent, Dustcheck, ESTA, Kappa, WAM, Mahle and many more.

Independent lab tests demonstrate that Camfil filter cartridges capture more air pollutants and release more of those pollutants when pulsed, creating a safer, cleaner work environment with less maintenance.
Camfil´s HemiPleat filters use a patented pleating technology that enables them to outlast and outperform cartridges fabricated with standard pleated filter media. The HemiPleat technology includes plastic bead separators to hold the pleats openly with the result that more of the media remains exposed to the air stream and available for filtering.

As dust is not just dust, it is also mandatory to determine the right filter media for each process and dust type. Camfil uses two basic filter media types, cellulose/paper and spun-bond/synthetic, which can be treated or layered with coatings, saturation or other media to improve performance. That is key to achieving the best separation efficiency and long filter lifetime.

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