CityCarb CH

A cylindrical, corrosion resistant molecular filter filled with Camfil activated alumina or activated carbon. The most versatile gas phase air filter installed in supply, recirculation, and exhaust air systems in commercial, industrial, and process applications. The design provides the best total cost of ownership for the removal of corrosive, odorous, and irritant gases.

  • Corrosion resistant and low dusting construction
  • 25% lighter than CamCarb CM
  • Inherently leak-free design when installed in dedicated hardware
  • Combines highest removal efficiency and lowest pressure drop
  • Predicted removal efficiency and lifetime by Camfil's proprietary software
  • Typical target gases: hydrogen sulfide, VOCs, ozone, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and other acids and bases
  • ICON6 Molecular
  • ICON37 ISO10121
Item Type ISO rating ISO 16890 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
CIZP-7C 0592/0490/0292 ePM1 70% 592 490 292 2800 130
CIZP-7C 0592/0287/0292 ePM1 70% 592 287 292 1500 130


"The most reliable molecular filter for high efficiency and long-term control of molecular contaminants in sensitive buildings and process industries.

They may also be used in odor removal applications in pulp and paper mills and wastewater treatment plants, or lighter applications such as airports, cultural heritage building, and commercial offices."
Filter Frame
Plastic molded
Activated Carbon, Impregnated Activated Carbon, Impregnated Activated Alumina
Max temperature (°C)
-21 to 60
Relative Humidity
Polyurethane, endless foamed
Dimension standard
Filter front dimensions according EN 15805
Installation options
Dedicated based plate in .06” (1.6 mm) and .08” (2 mm) thicknesses. A quantity of 16 cylinders per 24”x 24” (610 mm x 610 mm). There are three standard sizes: 24” x 12” (610 mm x 300 mm), 12” x 24” (300 mm x 610 mm), 24” x 24” (610 mm x 610 mm).
Max Airflow
1.25 x nominal flow
The pressure drop is rated at 500 fpm (2.5 m/s). Filter performance will be affected if used in conditions where T and RH are above or below the optimum conditions.

CamCarb CG can be used in Supply Air, Recirculation Air, and Exhaust Air ventilation systems. (1) Other models with different media options are available. High performance media will be selected in accordance to the type of application. (2) Pressure drop at rated airflow for 16 cylinders (3) Filled with UL approved media.

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