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Webinars and tutorials

Created April 30, 2020

Watch past webinars or register for upcoming webinars on air filtration and learn the importance of clean air. Through these webinars Camfil aims to create awareness about how critical is clean air to protect people, processes and the environment. We collaborate with industry experts on several business application to ensure that most relevant information is shared with the audience.

Education and Experience

Five ways to improve cross-flow pulse filter performance

Created February 7, 2024

Selecting the right filters to protect your gas turbine fleet can mean the difference between trouble-free, high-output operations and short filter life, de-rates and increased downtime.

Energy and Power Systems

Get ready for the upcoming rain and storms

Created February 7, 2024

Prepare for the upcoming rain and storms with a thorough inspection of your air intake system.

Energy and Power Systems

Four Innovative Technologies That Improve Pulse Filter Performance

Created January 19, 2024

Leveraging years of extensive data, new technologies have been engineered to form a new generation of pulse air filters. This eBook highlight the four innovative technologies designed to enhance the performance of your filters and your gas turbines.

Energy and Power Systems


Created September 27, 2023

The newest pulse technology for the 21st century, TurboPulse takes a modern approach to filter design with many new features engineered to improve filter life and pulse performance for turbomachinery.

Energy and Power Systems

ISO 29461-2 the first international Standard for filter performance in fog and mist environments

Created September 14, 2022

The first international test standard that rates a filter’s endurance in fog and mist environments and determines a filter’s resistance to water penetration

Energy and Power Systems Standard and regulations

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