GlidePack CamCarb Cylinder Housing

Side-access housing for CamCarb cylindrical adsorbent filters for moderate to high gas/vapor load in make-up, recirculation, and exhaust applications.

  • Houses up to 96 pounds of adsorbent media per each 24"X24" opening and 2000 CFM of system capacity
  • Weatherproof, 16-gauge aluminized steel with pre-drilled standing flanges to mate to existing housings or directly to HVAC equipment
  • Unique bayonet mounting holding frame to minimize cylinder air bypass
  • Two extruded aluminum filter slide tracks with polypropylene fin seal to ensure leak-free operation
  • 2" deep track for prefilter or downstream dusting filter
  • Dual-access doors with high-memory neoprene gaskets for airtight seal
  • Excellent noise attenuation when matched with Camfil CamCarb cylinder filters
  • ICON6 Molecular


HVAC odor control and air air quality applications, reducing outside air ventilation air for energy savings per ASHRAE Standard 62.1
CamCarb cylinders, ordered separately, are available for removal of a wide variety of gaseous contaminants. Consult Camfil Product Sheet 2112 for information on specific contaminant removal. Specialized adsorbents are also available.

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