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OEM - Customized clean air solutions

In addition to our own range of clean air solutions, Camfil is also an industry leading manufacturer of OEM filtration solutions. Together with our clients we have developed filters for a wide range of applications. These includes aerospace, custom ventilation systems, automotive, medical devices, medical equipment, printing and photocopy machinery, fire detection equipment, microelectronic and wafer manufacturing equipment and laboratory equipment such as clean benches and biosafety cabinets.

We have been involved in diverse design and manufacturing of filtration solutions from the Mars Pathfinder mission to ventilating circuits for surgery, the most sensitive stages of microchip manufacturing as well as countless general industrial applications.

Our expertise includes particular filtration down to nano particles as well as molecular filtration or a combination of both. All done according to the latest filtration standards. We work both on large volume mass-produced products as well as smaller batches of specialty products.

Engineering and design capabilities

Our experienced engineers are driven by value and aim to work with clients to develop fast, cost effective and high quality filtration solutions. We offer design, testing and development of new products as well as manufacturing.

Eco-designing products - designing environmental aspects into our products has been a Camfil priority for years. By maintaining a constant dialogue with filter media suppliers and evolving our filter designs, we have been able to reduce the air-flow resistance of our filters, directly improving the energy-efficiency of ventilation systems that use our products in air handling units and other filtration systems. Product design and process control also integrate a number of eco-efficiency considerations such as reduction and substitution of hazardous substances, and use of recycled materials and the development of alternative product recycling methods.

Camfil’s OEM team is supported by the Corporate R&D and Technology Center in Sweden as well as other Camfil R&D centers around the world. This group of experienced engineers and research developers provide valuable information for product development and testing, as well as new innovative product solutions.

Our CAD design software includes SolidWorks and AutoCAD as well as in-house developed programs for design and simulation.

Our prototyping capabilities include 3D printing, in-house prototype workshop and lab facilities. We are set up to provide quick to market solutions.

Manufacturing capabilities

Skilled production teams at our manufacturing plants around the globe combined with our flexible production capacity can handle both short and long production runs as well as demanding delivery requirements.

Our manufacturing facilities includes cleanrooms with both particular and molecular filtration to ensure the highest possible product hygiene as well as other clean manufacturing spaces.

Filters are tested and evaluated throughout manufacturing according to the latest international standards  and specifications.

Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems
  • OSHAS 18001:2009 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 50001:2011 – Energy Management Systems.

... and many more product- or application-specific certifications such as ATEX, Eurovent and UL 900.

Let us assist you with a customized solution. Please just add your requirements and specifications after pushing below contact buttom and we will get back to you. 
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