HEPA & ULPA filters

HEPA & ULPA filters

Camfil’s clean air solutions help to protect sensitive advanced manufacturing processes, prevent microbiological contamination in research labs and eliminate infectious airborne contaminants in the healthcare sector. Our filters are tested and certified in accordance with the IEST Recommended Practice for Testing HEPA Filters (RP-CC034), to ISO Standard 29463 and EN Standard 1822.

Customers in heavily regulated industries, with strict quality requirements, trust Camfil’s EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters. In manufacturing venues such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor or food processing, or critical laboratory services, our filters protect the people involved in the processes and ensure the integrity of what is being produced to reduce financial risks. In the healthcare industry, they are the main barrier of defense against infectious transfer so facility patients, employees and visitors are not compromised.
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Our HEPA and ULPA filter panels are designed for terminal filtration in applications ranging from cleanrooms and semiconductor fabrication to the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Box type filters are usually used in make-up-air or recirculation units as a final HEPA stage to protect terminal HEPA filters in cleanrooms. Can be used in the most demanding environments, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals to microelectronics manufacture.

Header frame filters are used in facilities that require fresh, ultra-clean air to protect against contamination and costly spoilage, and that require high airflow up to 5000 m3/h.