Removing ready cooked meal odours from exhaust air

Food and Beverage Producer


Our client is a well know food and beverage producer that has production facilities around the world.

The situation

In Food production facilities, food odours come hand in hand with everyday work. In our clients “Ready Cooked meals” preparation area they noted the increased need for an odour abatement system to ensure that the cooked food smells did not exit the facility and cause a nuisance to the surrounding neighbourhood. Previously our client was utilising an extraction system that utilised carbon panel filters to help reduce the nuisance odours. Our client had noticed that although Carbon panel filters were initially a solution, the solution was only short term and the panels needed to be changed frequently in order to reduction of odours. This was a very costly and labour intensive solution that our client needed to find a solution to.

Our Work

Once hearing of our clients problem, Camfil done an air quality analysis. In this analysis we identified the different odours and gases that were present in the exhaust air that needed to be removed sufficiently. Camfil performed our Lifetime Cost analysis for the customer and presented different options to solve these problems.

The Solution

Camfil proposed our Vertical Deep Bed Molecular solution as the ideal solution to solve all our clients problems. The solution allowed for a unique blend of molecular media to be installed within the unit in order to remove all odours and gases that were present in our air sampling report. The solution also offered the least labour intensive solution as, once installed, the air filters and molecular media would be changed far less often than the previous solution.

The Installation

Watch this video to see the installation of the VDB into our clients premises:

From the Customer

"Throughout 2018 the our FMCG food facility was inundated with environmental complaints, relating to odour’s generated from our historical, inadequate, odour abatement system. We engaged with several industry specialists to resolve this issue, which was impacting site compliance and more importantly the conditions for our staff and the local community. After scoping various solutions and specialists, Camfil were chosen for their industry and subject matter expertise. As a partnership, Camfil fully supported us with VOC analysis, design and project implementation. The project was delivered with minimal disruption to the site processes and Camfil designed out any risk to the site and personnel, resulting in efficient seamless delivery. Resulting commissioning of the system, we have had 100% reduction of environmental complaints, closed out any concerns with the local MP and Community and the work has also enabled future growth, with successfully obtaining planning permission, on the back of our significantly improved environmental compliance."

Lee Bowling – Engineering Manager

Your Solution

At Camfil we know that each case is different and there are many different factors that will determine your solution. Click one of the products below to see the different odour removal solutions available to you.
Created Thursday, 7 May 2020