Protection against air pathogens

Created Wednesday, 11 May 2022



CINCAPORC had concerns regarding the Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) outbreak, together with the engineering PRODES in the livestock farm. To study the case and the possible solution, they visited‚ ‘The Grandmother Farms‘ in Minnesota, USA that is using Camfil‘s air filtration solutions.

After the analysis, Camfil and other suppliers were contacted to share their proposal on the beneficial air inlet filtration.

Camfil‘s solutions were voted the best and most beneficial based on the below reasons:

Camfil after extensive research has developed specific filtration for this application: Pathogen Barrier

The property (CINCAPORC) was concerned about the PRRS outbreak, together with the engineering Camfil’s solution includes the development of a complete double-sided weld structure to ensure there are no air leaks.

Tested and long experience in the USA.

What is the PRRS?
  • PRRS Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
  • It is an economically important panzootic disease that causes reproductive failure in reproductive livestock and respiratory tract diseases in young pigs.
  • This disease means, in the United States pig industry, an approximate cost of 644 million dollars per year. Recent studies in Europe found that it costs almost 1.5 billion euros per year.


The Farm has 6 differentiated ships andan office area:

  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • Maternity 1
  • Maternity 2
  • Rearing
  • Weaning
  • Fattening

Each building has different aeration needs and different designs.

Each of these designs are developed according to the needs of air filtration.For example, the Fattening area has 4 welded stainless steel structures with a total of 90 Pathogen Barrier L9 filters and maximum design flow of 94,500 m3 / h.

The structures are welded with TIG in their perimeter, guaranteeing tightness in the installations.

Each structure has a tightening system for the Pathogen Barrier Prefilter andfilter, for easy installation and subsequent maintenance.


  • Development time / technical office: 2 months
  • Execution time: 6 weeks
  • Total Pathogen Barrier filters Installed: 796
  • Total pre-filters installed: 796
  • Total welded structures: 42
  • Total amount of the project: 198,602.28 €