Our Chief airgonomics Officer Initiative

The Chief Airgonomics Officer initiative is a unique approach to increase well-being, health and productivity in the workplace

The vision for Camfil’s Chief Airgonomics Officer initiative is to have someone responsible for the quality of the indoor air at every workplace around the world. 

There is one factor that is most often overlooked, neglected or forgotten in the majority of workplaces: the quality of the indoor air. The reason is that nobody really takes responsibility for the air that you breathe. Sure, you can say that your employer is responsible for your work environment, but do they know to achieve clean, healthy and productive indoor air? 

This is why Camfil launched the Chief Airgonomics Officer initiative. A simple and, we think, obvious idea: that all workplaces, every company or organisation, around the world, should have their own Chief Airgonomics Officer. Someone who is responsible for the quality of the indoor air. Someone who has knowledge and insight into how healthy indoor air is attained so that they can be your voice of clean air. 

When people returned to their workplaces after the COVID-19 pandemic, they very often did so with an increased awareness of the importance of clean indoor air. Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors and a majority of that time at work. And we know that up to 70% of office workers worry about the air quality in their workplace.

Awareness goes hand in hand with knowledge. Therefore, when someone signs up to be the Chief Airgonomics Officer for their organisation, we provide the tools that they need. For example, a training programme containing highly relevant know-how, insights and inspiration on how to achieve and maintain a healthy and productive indoor air quality.

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A simple and cost effective way to get more done

It is surprising to us that the value of clean indoor air is so often overlooked, since it provides a far more competitive work environment. It not only contributes to fewer sick days and increased productivity, it will also reduce bad-air symptoms like headaches, irritated eyes, fatigue, allergic reactions and difficulty concentrating to name a few. 

This is not merely something that comes from us as a leading manufacturer of clean air solutions. Over the years, many independent studies have shown a direct link between the quality of indoor air and the productivity of employees. Some of these studies indicate, for example, that poor air quality can reduce the performance of office workers by up to 10%1). In monetary terms, it can be the equivalent of “losing” up to $7,0002) per employee per year. 

We practice what we preach

At Camfil we walk the talk. We have appointed one hundred Airgonomics Officers across our global organisation who make sure that we practice what we preach. Their first action was to measure the quality of the indoor air in all our facilities around the world. This was achieved by using Camfil’s AirImage sensor system. A simple and smart way to measure particle sizes PM1, PM2.5, humidity (RH) and room temperature in real time. 

We believe that clean air is a human right, and we are here to help you achieve that right for your workplace.