responsible business & employee commitment
Operations in a sustainable, responsible way

Responsible Business & Employee Commitment

At Camfil, we show our commitment – to the business, to our customers and to our employees – every day.

We promote an extensive sustainability agenda to ensure that we run our own operations in a sustainable, responsible way. This makes us a trusted partner to customers and other stakeholders.

Our suppliers appreciate that we take the time to get to know them and maintain an ongoing dialogue. We continuously evolve our filter designs to reduce their air flow resistance, which directly improves the energy efficiency of ventilation systems that use our products.

Internally, we improve processes with programmes like CamfilCairing and our CamfilCairing Code (code of conduct). These programmes provide us with explicit policies and frameworks that guide our daily work.

"Cairing" - Caring the Camfil Way

CamfilCairing is a group-wide programme that demonstrates how we care about the air we breathe and wider environmental issues. We integrate sustainability and corporate citizenship in every aspect of our business strategy. The name is built around Camfil, our environment, caring and the air we breathe.

Through CamfilCairing, we engage employees in local sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions. It integrates sustainability initiatives and good corporate citizenship across all offices and geographies we operate in. 



As part of this programme, each year Camfil companies host a Cairing Week. For an entire week, we place a special focus on community outreach events and internal improvement measures that help to create a sustainable world for future generations. From beach clean-ups to blood donations, car-pooling to charity initiatives, and resource efficiency programs to raising health awareness, our people engage, educate and inspire.

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