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Camfil series of patented air cleaners and air purifiers come with the most efficient HEPA filters. They act as a complement to your existing ventilation system and provide reduced energy costs, more efficient production and a healthier working environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles.

Your ventilation system needs help. Efficient filtering of outdoor air does not suffice when the air is polluted indoors. And it will be from chemicals, room interior and people themselves. Camfil air purifiers for office and domestic applications and our air cleaners for industrial and process applications, are equipped with the most efficient Absolute HEPA filters. We developed our product range for indoor air excellence to suit all applications and made them available in a variety of sizes. So, make an investment in reduced energy costs, no more odours, and a healthier working environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles. You'll gain more efficient production and fewer absences due to illness.

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Camfil Industrial Air Cleaners are the ideal solution for Air Quality problems within your facility. By using Certified HEPA and Molecular filtration, Camfil air cleaners not only remove dust particles but also odours and gases.

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