Power Eye


Predictive analytics service for air intake filters & gas turbines


Improve power output across your fleet
and increase profits - with PowerEye

PowerEye is an advanced predictive analytics service. It helps you understand the impact that environmental conditions, changing weather patterns, and filter status have on the performance of your gas turbines.

With all that knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll have the power to maintain better control of your facilities and make strategic decisions that will improve power output across your fleet and increase profits.

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PowerEye monitors the changing condition of your filters and the atmospheric conditions at your plant. So you can predict and prevent problems BEFORE they impact your power output. 

PowerEye puts you back in control of your filters - delivering the continuous monitoring you need to predict the optimal change-out point.

Taken together, the data collection, analysis, and actionable insights provided by PowerEye, provide you with the most accurate capacity forecasting available.

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PowerEye is an integral part of our TurboConnect 360 filtration and air quality management services. That means it's much more than just data - it's intelligence - backed by a dedicated team of filtration specialists. You get analysis, actionable reports and insights on filter status and engine performance. Choose the service option that best fits your needs. 

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  Lite Pro Max
Real-time environment and filter monitoring1 done done done
Power output forecast (day-ahead, hourly) - done done
Pressure drop prediction2 done done done
Economic optimization for filter changeout - done done
Engine performance monitoring and alerts done done
Online filter efficiency test3 - - done
Offline compressor water wash optimization3 - - done
24/7 real-time dashboard access4 - - done
  1. Lite package includes monthly reports, part of Pro/Max package dashboards.
  2. Pro/Max offer higher accuracy for filter life estimation.
  3. Additional features available depending on your needs. Please contact your local Camfil representative to know more.
  4. Fleet level view for all units with PowerEye Pro/Max installation.
Weather station and pressure transmitter5 done done done
PI Cloud Connect / Edge Device - done done
Downstream particle counter - - done
  1. If needed.
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Data collection

PowerEye pulls data from three main sources – the Air Monitoring Station (provided by Camfil) the facility site historian and an online weather service.

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Data Transmission

All data is transferred back to the central PowerEye Server for analysis. Engine performance data is sent via a hyper-secure, read-only connection. 

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Data analysis

Once collected in the central analysis server, all data is run through the PowerEye Predictive Analytics Engine – featuring intelligence from Camfil’s extensive filtration database.

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Actionable Insights

You get insights on turbine performance, accurate next-day power predictions, pressure drop trends, water wash schedules, filter life predictions and change recommendations.

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