Clean Air Service: Compressor Water Wash Analysis

Fouling of the turbine's compressor blades is the case where small particles attach to the surface of blades. Over time particles will build up on the blades which will alter the aerodynamic profile of the blade and increase the aerodynamic drag of the blade due to increased roughness, leading to lower output and higher fuel consumption. When an offline water wash is performed to clean your compressor blades, we analyze the contaminants in the residue water. The presence of salt or ion levels may indicate that you need higher efficiency filtration to prevent corrosion. The scanning electron miroscope (SEM) is another way to identify the contaminants that are fouling the compressor blades by performing a detailed analysis of the deposits on the blades.

  • Determines the salt and ion levels present in the water after a gas turbine offline water wash
  • Compressor blade analysis validates whether your filter solution is sufficient in preventing bypass
  • Optional: evaporate cooling water analysis



All gas turbine and turbomachinery applications
Please contact your local representative for a scope of air sampling services offered in your country.